Plan A Thinking

Collaboration is the only way we can help our clients find the better answer.

Inspiring a passion for continuous improvement in everyone who interacts with us is the key to our mutual success.

Time is a commodity that you are unable to get back if wasted. Finding better answers today can save valuable time tomorrow.


  • Facilitating teams to consensus and success
  • Getting decisions made (and staying that way)
  • Structuring atypical projects
  • Defusing conflict and turf issues
  • Coaching individuals to perform
  • Improving business processes
Hands Picture

Global experience (over 20 countries):
working in all types of industries at all levels
(Shop floor to board room).

Project work includes:
C-suite, Cross-functional Innovation,
Accounting, Customer Service,
IT, Marketing, Manufacturing,
New Product Development,
R&D and Sales.

My clients include:
Consumer Businesses—Food and Beverage,
Packaged Goods, Restaurant,
Technology, Manufacturing
and Entertainment.

Meet Dan Kowalski


I have an inquisitive mind.  After three decades working with clients, I have found there is always a better answer lying just beneath the surface. The challenge for me is finding the question that unlocks your answer.

Early in my career when faced with industry issues, I found I kept my cool, recorded the facts, and asked specific questions…lots of them.

Over time and instigating many workable and better solutions, a pattern emerged. I noticed most people are unable to see past their “usual thinking” to uncover a better answer.

Plan A Thinking applies a proven toolkit of unconventional thinking techniques to any subject matter at hand, helping experts and business teams reach better solutions.